Avi Tapp

Front End Web Developer

I am formally educated in Public Relations from SUNY @ Buffalo State College. My 10+ years experience in front end web technologies compliments my education allowing me to appreciate and develop public relations goals & objectives while also spinning the wheels and throwing the switches that is the code behind all things digital today.

Specialized Technologies

Javascript Projects
These are mini projects I've written from scratch on my own to demonstrate my JavaScript writing skills. All code is hosted on my personal GitHub account as individual Gists. In the interest of visitor retention, I've embeded the individual code on the page. Focusing on visual hierarchy and design simplicity, I've also coded each project as a collapsed, responsive button. Click the title of the project to reveal the underlying code, and click a second time to hide the displayed code.

Developer Projects

Graphic Design Projects

Printed insert, portrait, full color, textured paper, distributed with wedding invitation
Printed booklet, landscape, full color, distributed at wedding ceremony

Writing Projects
I've listed here examples of my content writing skills. These blog posts were written for an SEO company on the west coast for various clients. Out of respect to that company, I've intentionally showcased these projects as off site links to Google Docs where you can read and comment on the content. I need a way of showcasing my work without interfering with the SEO company's use of my ghost writing, so this is how I've attempted to thwart this content from being crawled by any search engines.

170823 Always Put Yourself First
 170905 We Can Buy Happiness
170906 Facebook: Love It, Leave It, & Grow From It
170912 Natural Highs


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